Saturday, February 04, 2006


A recent project at work, our content management system converts the raw text into HTML and persists the translated values as part of an XML document.

However, Markdown.NET would appear to be an interesting alternative. MarkDown, which started off in perl has been ported to php, phyton and others. I'd be interested to see how it would fit into our solution framework.

Friday, February 03, 2006

DVD-Decryptor is dead, now what?

I'm really interested in taking DVD content and ripping it into a format for my portable media player, but I came late to the game -- the fan favourite DVD-Decryptor is out of business, simply because their application could break copyright encryption.

But ShrinkTo5 may stand as the next successor to DVD-Decryptor. I've heard rave reviews about this tool, and I need to find some time to play with it.

The big difference: it doesn't break CSS encryption. Well, at least not on it's own.

A popular DeCSS encryption dll, "machinist.dll" can decrypt the CSS... if this dll was included in the same folder as ShrinkTo5, it'll load the decryption algorithm and decrypt on the fly.

A quick google and I was able to find a location that posts the machinist.dll for download. Remember, decrypting is not illegal in all countries.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

....set the building on fire....

I can understand why Milton Adams (Stephen Root) of Office Space would be up in arms about his Red Swingline stapler gone missing. My brother-in-law bought me the stapler for christmas as a joke. But make no mistake, this heavy-duty diecast metal stapler is all business. I'm able to punch documents that would make normal staplers roll over and die.