Monday, March 20, 2006

Mix06 - Vegas, baby! Vegas

Arrived in Sunny Las Vegas, Sin City, City that never sleeps, 2:30 in the morning. Despite the late hour, the city is still a-buzz. Perhaps the most surprising of all is how close the airport is to the strip. Coming into the gate, you can see it all! Pyramids, New York, Paris -- feels just like a CSI fly-by sequence.

Managed to find my luggage and the taxi line up. As luck would have it, a few gentlemen were chatting with some of their seat-mates, and I overheard that they were headed to the Venetian -- the location of my event. I was pretty lucky with the travel arrangements; although I couldn't get the discounted rate at the Venetian, they managed to get me into Harrahs, which is next door.

I was able to pool together and take a cab with these guys to the Venetian, and then I had to find my way to Harrahs. I had to skirt through a parking garage, cross the street at an unlikely intersection and then pulled my travel luggage into the valet parking area.