Wednesday, August 18, 2010

An update

“The rumors of my death have been largely exaggerated." – Mark Twain.

It’s been forever and a day since my last post, largely due to the size and complexity of my current project, but for those wondering (and to clear the writers block in my head), here’s a quick update:

Selenium Toolkit for .NET

Although there hasn’t been a formal release on my open source project since last November, I have been covertly making minor commits here and there to keep the NUnit dependencies in sync with NUnit’s recent updates.  I may update the NUnit libraries to the latest release (2.5.7) this weekend.  I realize the irony here: the purpose of my project is to provide a simple installer for Selenium and my NUnit addin, forcing you to download the source and compile it is beyond excuse.  Here are some of the things that I have been tinkering with to include in a major release, but I haven’t fully sat down to finish:

  • WiX-based Installation:  I’ve been meaning to drop the out of the box Visual Studio installer project in favor of a WiX-based installer.  The real intent is to install side-by-side versions of my NUnit addin for each version of NUnit installed locally.
  • Resharper 5.0 integration:  The good folks at JetBrains, through their commitment to open source projects, have recognized my open source project and have donated a license of Resharper (read: YOU GUYS ROCK!).  To return the favor, I am looking to produce a custom runner for tests with my WebFixture attribute so that you can right click any fixture or test to launch the selenium process just like you would with NUnit or MSTest.
  • Visual Studio 2008/2010 integration: Not to leave the rest of the development world without Resharper licenses in the cold, I have been playing with a custom version MSTest extension.  Unfortunately for me, the out-of-the-box functionality for MSTest isn’t enough for my needs – I would really like to control execution of the environment before and after the test as well as when all tests have finished execution – there doesn’t seem to be a good hook for this.  It appears that my best option is to implement my own test adapter and plumbing.  I’ll leave the details of my suffering and choking on this to your imagination or maybe another post.

What about Selenium 2.0, aka WebDriver?  I’m still sitting on the fence on how to adapt the toolkit to the new API but haven’t had a lot of time to play with it since my current project is a very thick client (no web).  I am interested to hear your thoughts, but my immediate reaction is to use a parameterized approach:

public void UsingDefaultBrowser(WebDriver browser)

Other Ramblings

I won’t bore you to death with the details of the last few months – my twitter stream can do that – but expect to hear me spout more on WPF / Prism / Unity, TDD, Context/Specification soon.

In the meantime, happy coding.


DazAdams said...

Really like the idea of your Selenium toolkit but, I dont ee mto be able to get it to run. I've posted a discussion on the codeplex page.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.