Thursday, May 05, 2005

Star Wars III hype

The new star wars movie is upon us in a few weeks. I'm a little undecided.

I grew up as a star wars fan. I had all the toys, the books ... the works. Back then we didn't have VCR's, so the trip to the theatre meant your brain was on full record. I had known since I was a kid that there was supposed to be nine movies. I had played it out in my head what they were supposed to be about, and I always figured that the 9th one was where Darth Vader bit it. (Side rant: How surprised was I when Luke pulled Darth Vader's helmet off in ROTJ???)

Needless to say, I had some high expectations for Episode I. But I played it down, was cool about the whole thing. I remember sitting in the theatre, just before the show was about to start, and it felt like any other movie experience. But when the green lucas film logo faded and the bright blue familiar "far far away" catch-phrase started to fade it dawned on me... "I have no idea what comes next" and I was instantly 7 years old again.

The last two have been pretty disappointing. I don't need to go into the details of that. The whole thing seems like a bad car wreck, you don't want to watch but you're strangely compelled.

At this point, the trailer looks pretty good. Actually, the trailer looks *too* good. But still, Lucas could screw it up. After all, he's considered some sort of editing genius -- he could have given very specific instructions for the trailer crew, "Be sure to exclude all suck-ass parts".

You never know, Jar-Jar could show up with a light-saber screaming "Mesa using-da force!"

Please Mr Lucas, don't screw this one up. If you do, my enter childhood memories will be forfeit. At the very least, please tell me you hired a dialogue coach.

I'll show up with my brain set for record.