Friday, February 03, 2006

DVD-Decryptor is dead, now what?

I'm really interested in taking DVD content and ripping it into a format for my portable media player, but I came late to the game -- the fan favourite DVD-Decryptor is out of business, simply because their application could break copyright encryption.

But ShrinkTo5 may stand as the next successor to DVD-Decryptor. I've heard rave reviews about this tool, and I need to find some time to play with it.

The big difference: it doesn't break CSS encryption. Well, at least not on it's own.

A popular DeCSS encryption dll, "machinist.dll" can decrypt the CSS... if this dll was included in the same folder as ShrinkTo5, it'll load the decryption algorithm and decrypt on the fly.

A quick google and I was able to find a location that posts the machinist.dll for download. Remember, decrypting is not illegal in all countries.