Saturday, August 09, 2008

New Role on Monday

This July will definitely go down in my books as most memorable to date.  After a major round of changes at work and a decent severance package, I spent most of July milking my extensive contact list for opportunities, playing phone tag with head hunters and spending as much time as I possibly could outside.  I've never been so relaxed... my wife claims a night-and-day difference in my outlook.

This Monday I start a senior role with a development firm specializing in emerging technologies.  I'm pretty jazzed up about this as I'm normally working on technology that customers can be comfortable with -- this will be the exact opposite: looks like I'll be working primarily with WPF and Microsoft Surface.  This will be baptism-by-fire, full-steam-ahead, bleeding-edge stuff - a great opportunity to go "all in" and focus on my technical.

While I expect that I'll continue to blog about TDD, guidance automation, process engineering and generally awesome web-centric code for some time to come -- we'll likely see some postcards from the edge here soon.