Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Synergy on Vista

I heard about Synergy several years back, hailed in some of my circles as the coolest thing since sliced bread, however I've only ever a single laptop or PC.  If you've never heard of it, it let's you share a keyboard and mouse between multiple computers.  It's a KVM without the V

In a strange twist of events, I've gone from one laptop to three.  While tools like KeyPass have eased the pain of floating passwords between machines, the worst challenge is adjusting to the radically different keyboard layouts.  Synergy with my new Bluetooth keyboard/mouse may be the answer.

Some useful links:

A few notes about configuration:

  • Make sure you can successfully ping between machines.  Consider adding entries to your hosts file to ensure proper name resolution
  • Don't forget bi-directional relationships!  If you only define one link, you can't drag your mouse back onto the other screen.
  • The configuration screens are klugey.  Just remember to click the "+" buttons when defining links -- huge grief saver.