Thursday, November 19, 2009

Selenium Toolkit for .NET 0.81 Now Available

I’m happy to announce the next release for the Selenium Toolkit for .NET is now available for download.  This release adds minor fixes to the runtime and enhanced configuration support.

New for this release

This release includes several new enhancements:

  • NUnit 2.5.2 Support
  • Custom Browser Profiles and Aliases
  • User Extensions support
  • Proxy Server support

NUnit 2.5.2 Support

This release represents an upgrade for the NUnit addin to latest version NUnit (2.5.2).  NUnit 2.5.2 includes several performance and user interface enhancements which improve the development experience, including data driven tests and source-code browser for exceptions.

As part of a dependency issue with the NUnit framework, addins are specific to the runtime they’re compiled against, so you must have NUnit 2.5.2 installed in order to use the addin.  If you have NUnit 2.4.8, you’ll have to upgrade.  If you haven’t been able to use the toolkit because you weren’t using NUnit 2.4.8, please download and send in some feedback.

Custom Browser Profiles and Aliases

One of the key goals of the toolkit is to minimize duplication and environment specific settings in your tests so that the impact of moving between environments is minimized.  The toolkit now supports the concept of browser aliases where custom profiles can be defined as a lookup table in the configuration settings.


public class ExampleTest
    [WebTest(DefaultBrowser=@"*custom \"C:\PathToFireFox\FireFox.exe\" -no-remote -profile \"C:\PathToProfile\"")]
    public void OpenCustomProfile()
        // ....


The dependency on the physical folder path can now be externalized to the configuration file, which can be modified to suit each environment without having to alter the tests.

public void ExampleWithBrowserAlias
    public void OpenCustomProfile()
        // ....

And the configuration settings....

    <!-- snip -->

            <add key="ff-profile-1"
                 value="*custom &quot;C:\FireFoxPath&quot; -no-remote -profile &quot;PathToProfile&quot;"


User Extensions support

Selenium provides an extensibility model that allows you to extend its functionality through custom JavaScript files.  This release provides two key enhancements to enable this functionality:

  • Configuration element that allows you to specify JavaScript files and directories to be concatenated into the user-extensions.js file; and
  • Factory model that allows you to create your own implementations of the ISelenium interface.  A custom implementation allows you to execute your own custom commands, and will likely play an integral role in the WebDriver backed Selenium implementation planned for Selenium 2.0.

Expect a blog post soon that demonstrates this functionality, but in the meantime you can find details on the configuration settings here.

Proxy Server Support

While not as exciting or as interesting as custom user extensions, this release includes some additional configuration settings for users running Selenium-RC against a web-site that is only accessible through a proxy server.  See the configuration settings  for more details.

Download now

Enough already!  Go download the latest release and try it out.  As always, feedback is always welcome.

Happy coding.

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