Friday, March 04, 2011

Add a Custom Toolbar for Source Control

My current project uses TFS and I spent a lot of time in and out of source control, switching between workspaces to manage defects. I found myself needing access to my workspaces and getting really frustrated with how clunky this operation is within Visual Studio.  There are two ways you can open source control.

  1. The Source Control item in the Team System tool window.  I don’t always have the Team Explorer tool window open and when I open it, it takes a few seconds to get details from the server.
  2. View –> Other Windows –> Source Control Explorer.  Useful, but there’s too much mouse movement and clicking to be accessible.

So, rather than creating a custom keyboard shortcut that I would forget I added a toolbar that is always in plain-sight. It’s so convenient that I take it for granted, and when I pair with others they comment on it. So for their convenience (and yours), here’s how it’s done.

Add a new Toolbar

From the Menubar, select “Tools –> Customize”.  It’ll pop up this dialog. 

Click on “New” and give your toolbar a name.


Add the Commands

Switch to the Commands tab and select the name of your toolbar in the Toolbar dropdown.


Click on the “Add Command” button and select the following commands:

  • View : TfsSourceControlExplorer
  • View : TfsPendingChanges


Now style the button’s accordingly using the “Modify Selection” button.  I’ve set mine to use the Default styling, which is just the button icon.




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